“The adrenal products are absolutely great – they are making a huge difference to my life. I hope I will always be able to obtain them, I want to feel like this forever!"

Fiona - Hamilton, New Zealand

"The information in the Adrenal Fatigue book regarding the winding road to recovery was extremely accurate. I found that I would make forward progress, then hit a plateau or even have a setback, but would then move forward again. It’s been about 3 years now since I first got sick and I'm back to my energetic self again."


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Dr. James Wilson

Dr. James Wilson

James L. Wilson D.C., N.D., Ph.D. has helped thousands of people with Adrenal Fatigue regain their health and vitality during his 24 years of private practice.

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We encourage you to let us know if the Adrenal Fatigue Program or any of Dr. James Wilson’s Future Formulations products have improved your health or quality of life.  Dr. Wilson enjoys hearing testimonials from patients as it underpins the very reason Future Formulations are in the health business – to help people achieve and maintain optimal health and wellbeing. It is genuinely heart warming to hear some of your stories, so please don't hesitate to call, mail or email us so we can hear yours, and if you want – to include your story on our website. Some patients wish to remain anonymous, whilst others wish to share their success stories with others. All testimonials are kept on file; some are emails, whilst others are letters. Have you had a favourable result? Then please let us know, and if you wish, and we can post your testimonial as well.  By doing so, you can give others the hope and courage they may need to tackle their health problems with Future Formulation’s unique doctor designed natural medicines. 

Adrenal Fatigue Program Testimonials



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Patient Testimonials


Intergeneration genetic risk uncovered by utilsing Nutrisearch Integrative Pathology testing services

I’d like to thank Nutrisearch New Zealand for making the Pyrroles testing available…
To cut a long story short (five years of tears, research & revelations via amazing sources) I have found that out our family has a genetic risk of experiencing a myriad of brain health disorders (depression, anxiety, autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, bi polar, dementia, fluctuating moods, learning difficulties, attempted suicide & more) as far back as three generations.
Part of what we have observed as the parents of three teenage daughters was their noticeable reaction to stress/stressors over the years since they were wee tots amongst some other behavioural concerns. As the girls’ mum I have experienced anxiety since the age of 10, major depressive episodes, Post Natal depression after the birth of our girls and during the latest episode (starting five years ago) a period where I wanted to end my life.
When our twin daughters hit puberty their behaviour started to change/deteriorate considerably. From disobeying school rules initially & an exaggerated response to emotional stress in their lives to the first two years of college with oppositional/defiant problems, emotional instability, explosive temper, truancy from school and what appeared to be complete & utter disrespect for us as parents & our family rules.
People would quite often say that it’s just ‘normal teenage behaviour’ & the school’s recommendation was to use behavioural modification which we duly implemented with little positive result. One of our twin daughters was noticeably worse than the other & during that time we seriously suspected that pyrroles disorder or pyroluria played a significant roles in things.
On the 16th of October last year (2015) our daughter’s pyrrole’s test came through – positive! We celebrated the result as it confirmed what we had suspected & we now had something that we could work with. On consultation with our family’s naturopath we started her on the Pyrroles Protocol of Zinc, P-5-P, Vitamin B6 & other supportive nutrition. It took around a month to see the difference but when it happened it was miraculous. (The kind of miraculous that seems too good to be true!) However we continued the regime & it’s been better ever since. One of the best things that came out of the whole experience was that our daughter noticed the difference in herself which has helped with the compliancy around taking the supplementation.
Every now & then as with life things slip & slide however we have a ‘stress management system’ for the whole family and that involves the use of the pyrroles treatment protocol. Confirmation via the Pyrroles testing has made a huge difference to our family’s life & our family’s emotional well-being…
Thank you again Nutrisearch, New Zealand for making the test available & for providing supporting supplementation ☺

Ginny P. (Auckland)



Take the responsibility to take care of yourself…

My advice to others who are struggling with Adrenal Fatigue is: "Never give up". The road back to feeling better comes in small steps. But it does come! However, you have to take the responsibility to take care of yourself and do what it takes to get there. I still take a maintenance dose of the Adrenal products because I figure that every day of life is somewhat stressful and I increase the amounts during times of heavier stress. 
– Maggie



Every morning feeling nauseous…
Many of my mysterious symptoms began as I was recovering from the pneumonia. I felt overwhelmingly tired – a fatigue unlike anything I'd ever felt before and not at all like you might feel at the end of a busy day. I woke up every morning feeling nauseous and often with my heart racing. After having read the book, made the changes and taken the Adrenal products, the improvement in my life has been immense.
 – Darcy



Adrenal Fatigue By Dr. James Wilson
"I can't thank you enough for showing me the Adrenal Fatigue book. I'm really looking forward to starting on the adrenal fatigue program, can’t wait."
 – Kaye



Making a huge difference
“The adrenal products are absolutely great – they are making a huge difference to my life. I hope I will always be able to obtain them, I want to feel like this forever! Much appreciated. 
– Fiona (36yrs) Hamilton, New Zealand.



Every test under the sun…
"I am half way through Dr. Wilson’s Adrenal Fatigue book and all I can say is "WOW" – has somebody been following me around and making notes for the past 20 years!! The more I read the book the more the whole picture comes together. I had every test under the sun, and they all came back "perfect". One doctor said to me that "you’re so healthy, we should bottle you’re blood". My continuing fatigue was put down to grief, and I was told that I had to "deal with it". I was prescribed Prozac and other types of antidepressants, which didn’t agree with me. I can’t thank you enough for showing me the Adrenal Fatigue book. I’m really looking forward to starting on the adrenal fatigue program, can’t wait. Thanks,"
– Kaye (38yrs) Wellington, New Zealand.



Life Saver
“These supplements are a life saver and are very effective indeed”. 
– Sarah



Years of chronic tiredness and fatigue…
"After more than 15 years of chronic tiredness and fatigue, existing day to day in a haze, trying to drag myself out of bed, being irritable and depressed looking forward only to sleep (which didn’t relieve my tiredness), after trying all types of pharmaceutical prescriptions and remedies, the haze in finally clearing!! My energy is increasing daily, I can think much more clearly, I can handle stress a lot better and feel I finally have a life to really look forward to."
 – Phillipa



These products are worth every cent…
Last Saturday I had a fantastic day at the beach with 8 teenagers – I played cricket, volleyball etc, swam, arranged meals etc, and amazingly, I still felt great when I got home!! This would have been an impossible feat for many years, and now for me to finally feel like this with my girls is absolutely fantastic; these products are worth every cent!"
 – Phillipa Clapperton, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand



Feeling Pretty Good..
Feeling pretty good these days, definitely feeling the benefits of the Adrenal fatigue Program. I’m definitely handling things much better, my skin has improved, my sleep is better; my mood is much better etc. So yeah, I think it is a winner. And apart from some yoga practice focusing on adrenals I am not doing anything else. Have a spark I haven’t had for sometime!
 – Chris



Remarkable Teenage Recovery Story
My daughter who is 18 yrs old got glandular fever when she was 16 yrs old, she was very sick and took almost a whole year to recover. She missed a lot of school which was very stressful for her as she was in the 6th form and sitting 2nd year NCEA. She finally did come right and had a great year in the 7th form and managed a normal “17 yr old” life and started UNI at the beginning of this year. By February this year she was starting to faint for no apparent reason which started a whole lot of tests to find out what was wrong with her. It wasn’t until the end of July that the numerous doctors declared nothing wrong with her – maybe she was depressed!!! By this time she was completely fatigued, not eating, not sleeping (but lying in bed all day long), watching tv constantly, not going outside the house, not seeing her friends, not talking or communicating – basically she had turned from this vibrant, sparky, social 18 year old, to a recluse who was slipping further and further into depression without any answers.

By chance a friend had cut an article out of the paper that was written by Dr Libby Weaver, I googled her website and started reading a lot about adrenal fatigue. I tried to get an appointment with her for my daughter as soon as possible, but couldn’t see her until the end of October. I was beside myself and didn’t know how any of us could continue this way for that long. I emailed Dr Libby asking if she knew of anyone, anybody at all that we could see in the interim and by a miracle she couldn’t go past my email and phoned me with an appointment in 2 weeks!!!! She spent about 2hrs with my daughter and got her immediately onto Dr. Wilsons adrenal support medication. My daughter had to pull out of Uni for the last semester and try to rebuild her life – within 2½ months of taking the Dr. Wilsons adrenal support medication and being on a strict diet she was back to her normal self, going out, socializing, walking, going to the gym, and even managed to find a job to take her through to when she restarts Uni next year. We are both (but I’m sure more so my daughter) grateful and thankful to Dr Libby and to you for the wonderful adrenal fatigue program my daughter went on that has helped her rebuild her life back to normality.
– D.M – New Zealand



Recovering after 40 years of steroids
"I developed asthma as a small child and became what is called a "severe chronic asthmatic". At eighteen I was put onto the newish, synthetic, "wonder" steroid cortisone and, over the next forty or so years, spent increasing amounts of time on prednisone tablets. The side effects became worse – frequent chest infections requiring longer courses of antibiotics; more severe allergic reactions; almost constant 'thrush infections'. And I now have "steroid dependent asthma", that is, for the last two years I have had to take prednisone constantly. Since visiting Eric Bakker in desperation in May 2008 and beginning Dr James Wilson's Adrenal Recovery Programme, my health has improved remarkably. My breathing is so much better that my specialist was astonished. My prednisone intake is now very low and I look forward to stopping it altogether very soon. Thank you, my life is now worth living and I can face the future with hope instead of despondency. I thoroughly recommend this treatment programme.
– Christine G. Napier New Zealand



Motivation back…
“The products didn’t do much the first 4 – 6 weeks, but after 2 months I can honestly tell you that my libido has improved quite a lot ! I can really relax now have noticed, and feel this “inner quiet” I have not experienced for over 20 years.
All I can say is WOW, the moderate program kicked in, that is when my libido improved and now my husband wants to start on the program as well.
I have now got a lot more motivation to exercise. My appetite has increased yet I am slowly losing weight, something I have never been able to achieve for as long as I can remember. I have read the book and gave it to my brother who is totally burned out, I have encouraged him to see you.
Thank you so much for all your help,"
– Marie (47yrs) – Auckland, New Zealand.



Feeling better after only 3 months..
‘’I have read Dr Wilsons book and been on this programme for 3 months with huge success, and would love the opportunity to attend one of Dr. Wilson’s lectures’’
– Many Thanks – Sarah Auckland



From chronic exhaustion to regaining full health…
"Dr Wilson's supplement range was a major turning point for me in my recovery from extreme Adrenal Fatigue. At 37 I left my senior corporate job bedridden with the most incredible fatigue which my doctors seemed unable to alleviate or identify despite numerous tests. The supplements were a godsend, I could literally feel my body healing, and that in combination with the Life Coaching techniques I applied to change my thinking and my lifestyle enabled me to recover fully. I got my life back, and now have energy to burn! I can never thakn Dr. Wilson enough for his pioneering work and healing product range". Louise Thompson.
– Now a Mind-Body Life Coach. www.positivebalance.co.nz



‘’Robin thank you so much for getting me on the right path to health and happiness. I had spent nearly 15 years going from Dr, to Dr, specialist to specialist all of whom agreed I was not at all well, but none able to offer me a solution. I was at my lowest point both physically and mentally when I met Robin who was able to diagnose me with severe adrenal fatigue and multiple food and environmental allergies, and I haven't looked back since! The changes to my health started to happen in days of our first meeting and each week I see improvements, as do my family and friends. I find it hard to put into words the massive difference you have made in my life.
Thank you for everything Robin, you are an amazing lady.
Sent with love,
– Vicki W. – New Zealand








15 years of chronic fatigued resolved in 16 weeks

“After more than 15 years of chronic tiredness and fatigue, existing day to day in a haze, trying to drag myself out of bed, being irritable and depressed looking forward only to sleep (which didn’t relieve my tiredness), after trying all types of pharmaceutical prescriptions and remedies, (including DHEA, Progesterone, Hydrocortisone, Amnitryptiline, and literally dozens of nutritional supplements from various companies) with little or no improvements, I finally went to see naturopath Eric Bakker who recommended a course of Dr. James L Wilson's Future Formulations Adrenal products. After 4 months, the haze in finally clearing!!  My energy is increasing daily, I can think much more clearly, I can handle stress a lot better and best of all I can now really laugh with my kids!  I feel I finally have a life to really look forward to.
Last Saturday I had a fantastic day at the beach with 8 teenagers – I played cricket, volleyball etc, swam, arranged meals etc, and amazingly, I still felt great when I got home!! This would have been an impossible feat for many years, and now for me to finally feel like this with my girls is absolutely fantastic; these products are worth every cent!
Thank you so much."
 Phillipa Clapperton – Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand






"I have learned a lot about adrenal fatigue from Dr. Wilson, and now have a
different aspect of looking at my clients conditions in this stressful
world. I see a lot of people out there who need adrenal help, and whatever
conditions they have, I can usually see some connection between their under
functioning adrenal glands, stress, and their clinical presentations."
– Natsume Lines, Naturopath, Auckland



"Dr. Wilson's Super Adrenal Stress Formula astonishes me by the way it
rockets off the shelf and seems to be superior to any other formulae of its
– Marianne Stobie, Naturopath, Auckland



"We love your products and have seen some cool results."
– Dr. Kamai Merai, Chiropractor, Auckland



"Dr. Wilson's Original Formulations products have been excellent and I have
been having some great successes in the clinic with his Adrenal Fatigue
– Dr. Steve Joe, Medical Doctor, Hamilton



“The Metabolic Rejuvenation program is without a doubt, the best detox program I have ever tried. Over the past 40 years I have tried many detoxification programs. From the age of 18 when I went vegetarian right through to the many and varied detoxification rituals too numerous to list. The Douglas Laboratories Metabolic Rejuvenation program iswithout a doubt, the best detoxification program I have ever tried”.

– Dr Peter Richard Pedersen DC DO NTMD CIM CDN

(Dr. Pedersen is a graduate of the Sydney College of Chiropractic and the Sydney College of Osteopathy.  He is a certified practicing member of the Chiropractic & Osteopathic College of Australasia (COCA).



''I just wanted to drop you a line & let you know how much I enjoyed the seminar held by Dr Wilson last Monday night. I had been concerned that having attended last year there would be a large amount of repetition, however I got so much out of it as new material was presented. One of the aspects of Dr Wilson's seminars I really appreciate is that his advice & protocols are able to be applied immediately.''  M.S Practitioner



Thank you for a most informative evening last night and I look forward to having your lecture notes or slides or what ever you have available! – M.L  Practitioner



Dear Nutrisearch,
I would like to tell you about the success I have had with one of my clients and Dr. Wilson's Future Formulations.
This is a 34 year old woman with a history of allergies, IBS, uncomfortable bloating where her abdomen was hard and sore with severe wind pain. Her bowels were not moving regularly. She was continually getting sinus headaches. She was stressed and experiencing symptoms of anxiety
In the first eight weeks we successfully settled her gut and the accompanying symptoms though it was easily set off if things got too stressful. She came off the all prescriptions. Around this time I attended Dr. Wilson's seminar and learned about the adrenal quartet. I prescribed this for my client at her next appointment and she has been taking these for some months since. Her job is enjoyable and extremely busy, the stress levels have increased lately and we have increased her dose of the adrenal formulations to the moderate dose to help her manage these. She is a very different person, relaxed, open, smiling. She feels great – her allergies have decreased considerably and are no longer plaguing her as they were when she first came to see me, her gut has settled and she no longer experiences the bloating and tenderness, the headaches have gone and she is able to plan and act rather than react with her busy job and the staff she manages. With seeing the results she was getting, her compliance improved quickly as did her overall health and vitality.
I am absolutely delighted with the results I am getting with my patients using the Future Formulations adrenal products. I take these myself and I feel the difference within. I notice that my thinking is clearer and that things do not bother me as they once did. We recently lost a dear family member after a prolonged illness and I found that I was well able to cope with the stress of supporting her through her illness, travelling overseas and arranging her funeral and dealing with my other distressed family members.
I do recommend these products to other practitioners as being a complete package for restoring that foundation to health and well being that starts in the adrenals.
Kind & Healthy Regards
– Cush Reid – Naturopath Wellington New Zealand



"I regularly prescribe Dr. Wilson's Adrenal formula, Naturopath's Own and Douglas Laboratories products and continue to be pleased by the results I am seeing in clients.
Opportunities for extensive ongoing professional education enable confident and well-supported clinical practice and this has helped me to grow as a practitioner."
– Heidi Marriott, Health in Harmony, Highland Park, Auckland BNatMed, MNZAMH Naturopath & Medical Herbalist



"I have been prescribing Dr. Wilson adrenal support products for as long as I can remember and have attended every one of his New Zealand practitioner training courses.
There are more adrenal support products on the market than ever and I have endeavored to try them all. Most are cheaper and many make heady claims. However, when it comes to the crunch, in the form of the relieving of adrenal gland related symptoms, including adrenal fatigue, I have alway gravitated back to Dr. Wilson's products. The fact is that they work very well when patiently and expertly dispensed.
Dr. Wilson's products are the Gold Standard of adrenal support."
– Gary – Functional Nutrition Consultant , New Zealand



"I have been recommending Dr Wilson’s Adrenal supplements in my practice for four years now, with extremely good results. These products form one of the key foundations I turn to in my practice. With the high pressure, fast-paced lifestyles of today, many of my clients (children, teens and adults) after just three months with good compliance report significant improvement in their overall wellbeing: improved energy, increased libido, reduced anxiety, better sleep, clearer skin and the list goes on. This is an essential tool kit for clients and anyone recommending natural health options."
– Dr Kathleen, Integrative Medicine Specialist, Whangaparaoa, New Zealand



“Dr. Wilson’s information and products changed my life and the lives of my patients. I’m a multi-disciplined clinician that struggled with my own health journey for ~30 years. When I learned about adrenal fatigue, it all finally made sense, particularly when I scored “severe” on Dr. Wilson’s online test. Once I started using Dr. Wilson’s adrenal fatigue formulas and incorporating his recommendations, my energy levels finally started to stabilise. I realised that many of my patients also suffered from adrenal fatigue and Dr. Wilson’s products play a vital component of the lifestyle changes patients need to recover from adrenal fatigue.” 
-Dr. Sam Shay 
Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Functional Neurologist, Fitgenes Practitioner-Author of the ebook: “Ending Adrenal Fatigue: Easy Breakfast Guide”-Creator of the online course: “Reclaim your Energy: End Adrenal Fatigue”–www.DrSamShay.com –