"One day, I found Dr. Wilson's book Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome at a local health food store. I stood there reading it, thinking, "This is me to a T." After reading the entire book, and completing the included Adrenal Fatigue Questionnaire, things started to make a lot of sense"


"After dozens of diagnostic tests on everything from my gall bladder to my heart found nothing seriously wrong, my doctor decided that I was just overly stressed and the cure was "a little rest". But I knew a week of just resting was not going to cure me because, by this point, I was barely functioning"


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Dr. James Wilson

Dr. James Wilson

James L. Wilson D.C., N.D., Ph.D. has helped thousands of people with Adrenal Fatigue regain their health and vitality during his 24 years of private practice.

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Relax, don’t diet.

Dr. Wilson’s Original Formulations

Dr. Wilson’s Original Formulations products are "practitioner" only, and are available only through your health-care professional. Most of our formulations are vegetarian supplements, are all hormone-free and created with the utmost care to support specific areas of health. For example, we have an outstanding immune booster that progressively supports immune function over time to help naturally maintain health, and another that provides fast immune support when needed.

 Why our products are different

Dr. Wilson personally makes certain that each and every product provides the most effective, natural solution available for a specific health problem. Strict guidelines govern the manufacture and formulation of Dr. Wilson’s Original Formulations products, and each one is formulated by a physician with many years of clinical and research experience. All of the ingredients are precisely selected to support optimum biochemical physiological function and work in the safest, most natural way possible. Dr. Wilson’s knowledge and experience, continuous research, and contact with health practitioners around the world ensures that the products we provide will be of the utmost benefit to you. At Dr. Wilson’s Original Formulations, you can be sure our priority is your well-being. That’s why we’re here. All of our products are unconditionally guaranteed, that’s how strongly we feel that you will be satisfied.

Nutrisearch carries the entire Dr. Wilson’s Original  Formulations line of natural health supplements formulated by Dr. James L. Wilson for supporting stress and adrenal fatigue, as well as all of the other nutritional products he developed from 30 years of naturopathic and research experience, such as a special vegetarian nutrient complex for supporting balanced thyroid function and another for healthy nails, skin and hair, an all-natural supplement for motion comfort without side effects, a totally unique formula for supporting healthy blood sugar levels, a dietary fiber replacement capsule that works comprehensively to support regular bowel function, and an exceptional product that promotes stomach and intestinal comfort and healthy function.

Our products are all one-of-a-kind originals that have demonstrated exceptional effectiveness. Each carefully balanced nutritional formula contains only the highest quality nutrients, herbs and other natural ingredients that provide precise, focused support to the area of concern, as well as superior nourishment to the body as a whole. These same products are used by doctors, naturopaths and health clinics and are recommended by pharmacists throughout America and many countries around the world. Read more about any of our products by clicking one of the Product links on this page, either to the right or below.You can purchase Dr. Wilson’s book, health CDs and dietary supplements from your health-care professional; so do ask your health care provider if he or she stocks Dr. Wilson’s products, as we do not sell any products online.

A Personal Message from Dr. Wilson: “Dr. Wilson’s Original Formulations will never compromise on their quality, because we are committed in helping our customers improve their health. I use the knowledge gained through three doctoral degrees and over 30 years of experience in the health field to make every product the best you have ever tried. When we are considering making a new product, the first questions we ask are:

  • Does this product make a contribution to the health of the person taking it?
  • Is it superior to any other product currently available?
  • Is it affordable for the average person?

Our primary focus is always on the end result our supplements will have on the body. So use our products and offer them to your patients and customers with confidence knowing that they are exactly the same products that doctors, hospitals and clinics around the country have been using to help their patients get well since 1992. Dr. Wilson’s Original Formulations are products you can truly trust”.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. James L. Wilson


Adrenal Fatigue Products

Adrenal C Formula™ is available in 2 sizes – 90 & 150 tablets. A sustained-release Vitamin C complex uniquely designed for supporting stress and adrenal fatigue. Stress dramatically increases the need for vitamin C. More information.

Super Adrenal Stress Formula™ is available in 2 sizes – 90 & 150 tablets. Nutritional support for healthy adrenal function & adrenal hormone production. More information.

Adrenal Rebuilder™ is available in 2 sizes – 90 & 150 tablets. Multi-glandular dietary supplement for supporting stressed & fatigued adrenal glands….. More information.

Herbal Adrenal Support Formula™ is available in 2 sizes – 30 & 60mls. Herbal support for health during stress, adrenal fatigue & menopause. Staying healthy during times of stress requires…More information.

Herbal HPA™ Licorice free herbal support for health during stress, adrenal fatigue and/or menopause. Ideal for those with high blood pressure. Staying healthy during times of stress requires strong function in the adrenals and the other glands involved in the stress response….. More information.

Adrenal POWER Powder™ The adrenal energiser for people on the go, designed to provide a quick, healthy pick-me-up and solid adrenal support for busy people experiencing stress and/or adrenal fatigue. This product is designed as an excellent addition to the 4 core adrenal products… More information.

Other Endocrine-Related Products

Thyro-Balance™ Special nutrients to support optimal thyroid function. Thyro-Balance™ is a natural, liquid nutrient complex developed especially to support the thyroid gland. More information.  Free of any hormones, glandular and animal substances, this complete and balanced nutrient formula enhances and does not suppress natural thyroid activity. For a free colour brochure about Thyrobalance, please click this link.

Good Sugar™ A cleverly designed blood-sugar balancer containing the optimal nutrients and plant extracts that support the body’s ability to properly metabolise sugars & help maintain blood sugar levels within the normal "good sugar" range. It delivers powerful antioxidants that can help prevent oxidative damage… More information.

Immune Products

Nat-Stim ® Nat-Stim® is a unique immune supporter developed by scientists affiliated with the World Health Organisation to significantly help maintain health. Nat-Stim is totally unique and not yet another probiotic, it is derived from a special immune-nourishing, fortified strain of lactobacillus……. More information.

Super Immune Space Sprinkles™ Children’s probiotic immune booster with Nat-Stim is a kid-friendly, uniquely effective immune support specially designed to help children stay well. This tasty, naturally color-changing powder is easy and fun to take…….. More information.

Blister-Free Forever™ Immune solution for people with herpes. This unique, natural formula uses homeopathic, herbal, and biological processes to help support the body’s immune defenses…… More information.

Body-Guard™ A powerful combination of herbs and other natural ingredients. Natural support for your body’s front line immune defenses, especially in the respiratory, gastrointestinal and urinary tracts. This unique liquid formula contains a powerful combination of herbs and other natural ingredients that help……. More information.

Specialty Products

Squeaky Clean™ is available in 2 sizes – 90 & 180 capsules. A gentle and complete intestinal cleanser, detoxifier and conditioner. Healthy intestinal function and a balanced intestinal environment are essential. Squeaky Clean contains 3 key probiotics, 5 carefully selected herbs and 8 different fibres….., More information.

Inner Healing™ Natural support for healthy lining of the stomach and intestinal tract. Inner Healing™ combines carefully selected nutrients to help support gastrointestinal health and function…….More information.

Land, Sea and Air™ A totally unique combination of homeopathic, herbal and nutritional aid to motion comfort without side-effects. This effective formula naturally promotes a sense of well-being while riding in cars, planes or boats……. More information.

Hair, Skin and Nails Plus Formula™ This special formula provides the key nutrients and other natural factors the body needs to build healthy skin, strong nails and beautiful hair that are often missing or deficient in typical diet. Consistent use brings out a difference you can really see and feel within weeks….. More information.