"After dozens of diagnostic tests on everything from my gall bladder to my heart found nothing seriously wrong, my doctor decided that I was just overly stressed and the cure was "a little rest". But I knew a week of just resting was not going to cure me because, by this point, I was barely functioning"


"I have now got a lot more motivation to exercise. My appetite has increased yet I am slowly losing weight, something I have never been able to achieve for as long as I can remember. I have read the book and have given it to my brother who is totally burned out, I have encouraged him to see you"


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Dr. James Wilson

Dr. James Wilson

James L. Wilson D.C., N.D., Ph.D. has helped thousands of people with Adrenal Fatigue regain their health and vitality during his 24 years of private practice.

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Relax, don’t diet.

Adrenal Fatigue Book & CDs

Adrenal Fatigue Book

Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome™ Written by Dr. James L. Wilson. Smart Publications, 2001. Find out how stress affects your health and what you can do to recover and protect yourself.


Adrenal Fatigue CDs

Audio Lectures on CD by Dr. James L. Wilson

Dr. Wilson’s CD lecture series are available through your health-care practitioner.

Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome by Dr. James L. Wilson Comprehensive self-help book on the health effects of stress and what you can do to recover and protect yourself. If you are tired for no reason, have trouble getting up in the morning, depend on coffee or other caffeinated drinks to get going or keep going, and feel run down and stressed, you probably need this book!..
Wilson, Dr. James L. – Audio Lectures: Diagnosis & Treatment of Adrenal Dysfunction In this easy to understand introduction to Adrenal Fatigue, Dr Wilson talks to doctors about some of the major signs & symptoms as well as treatment of adrenal fatigue…
Wilson, Dr. James L. – Audio Lectures: Diagnosis and Treatment of Intestinal Pathogens In this practical and helpful lecture, Dr. Wilson presents an overview and details of the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of intestinal problems…
Wilson, Dr. James L. – Audio Lectures: Recognising and Treatment of Adrenal Fatigue in Children In this easy to follow talk, Dr. Wilson presents a comprehensive overview of the diagnosis and treatment of Adrenal Fatigue in children with many practical tips for helping them recover…
Wilson, Dr. James L. – Audio Lectures: The Future of Health In this presentation to a large medical conference, Dr. Wilson gives his projections about the future of medicine for the next 2 decades…              
Wilson, Dr. James L. – Audio Lectures: The Role of Adrenal Fatigue in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia In this recording of a presentation made to physicians, Dr. Wilson discusses the research on the relationship of adrenal fatigue to Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome …